BloodLoss Release Day 1/22!!!

My LOOOOOONG awaited next work will finally storm its way onto Amazon on January 22nd!



If you’d like to help out with the release, here’s a run-down of easy peasy things you can do:


Join your favorite Book Boyfriend, Jaromir Ragnarsson, nearly 400 years before the events of BloodMarked (The Fraktioneers #1 ) in this all new prequel novella, BloodLoss (The Fraktioneers #0.5)!

Cursed to live in the shadows, Jaromir Ragnarsson wanders the world, searching for a sign. What he finds wasn’t exactly what he had in mind.
Nearly four hundred-fifty years after a fateful meeting with a Wyrd woman changes his life, Jaromir is no longer alone. His adoptive son is the light of his long life, and he believes he will do anything to keep him safe.
When that belief is tested, will he have the strength to do what is necessary? Even if, no matter what he chooses, he loses?



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