Author Interview: Scott A Borgman

An interview with the awesome Scott Borgman from the equally wonderful Grandma Peachy!


Scott Borgman profile picI’d like to welcome Scott Borgman who is with me today. Scott is the author of fantasy books and has two series available on Amazon. Thank you, Scott, for taking time from your busy writing schedule to visit with me.

SB: It’s wonderful to be here, thanks for having me, Grandma Peachy!

GP: Scott, I’m sure that readers would like to know a little more about you. Tell us about some of your interests outside of writing.

SB: Well, I love spending time with my family of course. I also like to poke around and find anything even remotely amusing on YouTube that gets me laughing (not difficult to do, since I have a sense of humor that borders on overactive!). I do still play the occasional video game on the PS4, though I’ve got 3 teenagers in the house so it’s kind of rare that the tv is actually…

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