4 More Days!!

Only 4 days left until BloodLoss hits the streets!

Are you ready?

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Leave her, he thought to himself. Even the beast had lost interest now that the prospect of warm blood was off the table. But his trembling voice didn’t seem to care. “Inka?” He patted her on the cheek. Her skin so soft and smooth, glowing in the moonlight, though the pall of death hovered over her. It’s no use, his common sense spoke up, She’s lost too much blood.

Perhaps blood was what she needed then, a dark corner of his mind replied. One he hadn’t known existed.

The beast in his head reared back and hissed as if frightened, and that made Jaromir smile like a madman. He’d never known the thing to be scared of anything.

He couldn’t believe he was honestly considering the possibility. “But what could it hurt?” he mumbled aloud as he brought his wrist to his lips, his fangs dropping on command. After all, his cursed blood had managed to keep him alive for the last four and a half centuries. Just maybe…

He winced at the sensation of his own skin being torn in two and blood gushing free from a severed artery. Was this what all his victims felt? It was horrifying. But he didn’t have time to give it much thought.

Inka exhaled a last rattling breath, and then the forest went quiet, as if even the night creatures knew death was among them. No, he thought, this time he would bring life, not death. Without hesitation, he forced his wrist against Inka’s lips, letting his blood slip over her tongue and down her throat. “Gods, please let this work!”


BloodLoss © 2016 Lu J Whitley

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