3 Is the Number of the Counting…

The Number of the counting being 3.

Three Days Left until the big day!

3. 3. What else comes in 3s?

BloodLoss is told from the POV of 3 main characters:

  • Jaromir Ragnarsson – All-around cursed badass
  • Stein – Tiny baby troll who becomes slightly less tiny
  • Inka – Natural sorceress of the Licht der Erde (The Light of the Earth)

And here’s our Sneak Peek of the day! Warning: it’s a gross one…


Jaromir’s mind was a jumble of thoughts he didn’t care to untangle. So he walked silently along as Stein ran in front of him, kicking a rock over the rutted mud.

“Come on, snails move faster than you,” the troll yelled over his shoulder.

Even his adoptive son’s antics couldn’t cheer him up. Since Inka had relayed the story of the ‘changeling’ earlier that day, Jaromir had been itching to get moving.

He knew what was responsible for the tale: the Takers. Creatures that stuck to the darkness, even though they could go out in the light of day, provided they first borrowed a suit of human skin. If the Earl’s son had been taken, it would be no use searching for him. The Taker that occupied his dermis had begun digesting him from the inside out the moment it had made its way down his throat. All it took was a kiss to bridge one skin to another. The transfer of the Taker’s hypnotic poison was instantaneous, and the next host would be helpless to resist.

For that reason, Jaromir had avoided any run-ins with the demons. Stein was still too young. Too reckless. Too vulnerable.

One, perhaps two, of the creatures Jaromir could handle on his own, but if the recount of this cave was true. If the Takers had set up camp nearby, there would be no way of knowing how many there were and no way of telling who was infected until he was close enough to stare in their disgusting yellow eyes.


BloodLoss © 2016 Lu J Whitley

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