Today is 2-Day!

That’s it! Just 2 more days!

What are you going do to occupy yourself? How about check out some great Free indie books?

Here are a couple of my very favorites:
A Neophyte’s Tale by CK Dawn
Darkness Echoes by a number of talented indies

But if you just can’t live without a taste of BloodLoss, here’s today’s tiny sneak peek. Featuring everyone’s favorite little troll.


“Ahem.” She pointed down at the obstacle between them.

At the young troll who was now wide awake, looking up at them with a wicked grin plastered across his face. His arms propped casually behind his head, as if he was enjoying the show. “Don’t stop on my account.”

Jaromir lurched backward, almost taking a patch of her scalp along for the ride. “Gods!” He crab-crawled until the wall at his back stopped him from retreating further.

Stein sat up, twisting his body to stare at his adoptive father. Jaromir emitted a low growl of warning. And his scowling face should have terrified her. With those incandescent crimson eyes and a set of sharp fangs visible behind a snarled upper lip.

But as she watched the heated wordless exchange between them, laughter bubbled up inside her, and she couldn’t fight it back. Two pairs of eyes turned in her direction. One amber gold. One cooled to pale blue. Both full of humor.

Jaromir echoed her laughter and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Well…”

“Yes,” she agreed. “Well.”


BloodLoss © 2016 Lu J Whitley


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