Tomorrow. Tomorrow…

It’s BloodLoss tomorrow! It’s only a day away!

Unless, of course, you want to order a print copy! Cuz it’s already live on Amazon! Woohoo!

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Kindle copies will be available ASAP, so keep checking back!

But, just to hold you over, here’s the last Sneak Peek…



He’d often thought about his old life. Years had passed since the Deacon, Fraktion’s leader, had given Jaromir an ultimatum – give up the infant troll or leave. The leadership position had most likely changed several times over, but he still couldn’t imagine going back. Not with Stein still so small and helpless. He shuddered to think what the organization would do with the troll given the chance.

When he’d formed Fraktion with a group of fighters back in the early fifteenth century, it was nothing more than a band of brothers, dedicated to eradicating the Takers from the face of the Earth. Masquerading as crusaders and mercenaries, they’d moved across Europe and Asia, quelling Taker uprisings as they came. But, with the Renaissance period’s renewed interest in science, Fraktion soon grew into a center for studying the skin-changers. Performing experiments and dissections to see how Taker anatomy worked and to find more efficient ways of taking them down.

The Takers had been created from the same Wyrd woman’s curse as he, himself, had been, and being creatures of magick, scientific study of them had proven difficult. So the organization had moved on to more arcane means to defeat the changelings, prizing sorcery and superstition over science. But, until he found the one he’d been searching for these last long centuries – the blood ancestor of the witch whose face still haunted his dreams – he doubted anything would ever be more effective than filling a Taker’s host body full of holes and staking them out to greet the rising sun. It was the way it had been done since the beginning of their cursed existence, and Jaromir would take that approach over Fraktion’s team of magick experts any day.


BloodLoss © 2016 Lu J Whitley

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