#Free Indie Friday: Leap Weekend Smash

It only comes around once every four years…

But you can bet the book deals live up to the hype!

Spend the Weekend in Another Realm

TBT and CHWith the Chronicles of the Twelve Realms series by Rachael Ritchey 

FREE on Smashwords until 2/29!

The Beauty Thief 

In the Twelve Realms there lives a man who covets life. He lurks in the shadows, intent upon stealing that which will sustain his perpetual existence: true beauty. Princess Caityn’s beauty reaches from what the eye sees to the very marrow of her soul. The thief wants what she possesses and has been patient for far too long.

Captive Hope

~They say love conquers all, but Idra knows hope is what sets the captive free~

The Twelve Realms seems an idyllic nation, but behind locked doors there are sinister powers at work. Not even the royal family of High Castle is outside their reach, and Lady Idra has unwittingly placed herself in the crosshairs of a shrewd mercenary.

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Terror & Mystery

ICE by Jessica Wren FREE on Amazon 2/26 & 2/27!

Terror has arrived in Minterville…

51guklC5B2L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_A death trap has been set, and a thirty-year revenge plot set into motion. And The Minter, the telepathic communication system they have come to rely on, has failed them.

☆ Read Reviews of ICE



Motorcycles, Bad Boys, & Hot, Steamy Romance!

Billionaire Biker by Lexy Timms

“I look at you and I see the rest of my life in your eyes. I’ll love you. Forever.”

51aheXMyN5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgKatie’s not the usual rich girl and Morgan’s not your typical biker. The two collide at a bar, and again after Morgan leaves the scene of a terrible crime.

Falling for one another is inevitable, but when the truth of who Katie is comes out, will it change everything?

(image & description taken from Amazon)
★ Read Reviews for Billionaire Biker


Happy Birthday BloodMarked!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already! But February 28th is my baby’s birthday, so from 2/28-3/1, for the first time EVER, BloodMarked will be completely FREE on Amazon!

Her nightmares are real, and they’re out for blood.

BloodMarked Official CoverGreta Brandt’s life is run of the mill, except for the nightmares – violent dreams of creatures that wear the skin of the people around her… and him, the man with the golden hair and incandescent red eyes.

After 800 cursed years, Jaromir Ragnarsson has finally found the violet-eyed woman with the star-shaped birthmark of the BloodMarked: Greta Brandt. But he’s not the only one who’s been searching for her.

When terror strikes close to home, Greta must finally accept her role in a world she thought only existed in her fevered dreams, putting her wavering trust in the one man who knows the full truth about her fate.

    ☆ Read Reviews for BloodMarked


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