Twisted Tales : Meet the Authors – an interview with Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Meet the ever wonderful Elizabeth Horton-Newton!

Joseph Mark Brewer

Some say beware the Ides of March – but what you should really do is get a free copy of Twisted Tales, a Readers’ Choice selection of short fiction from Readers’ Circle of Avenue Park. Literary lies, epic yarns – it’s an eclectic collection of stories by authors from around the globe.
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In today’s Meet the Authors series I’m delighted to welcome to the blog Elizabeth Horton-Newton. She has had a life-long interest in serial killers and all things horror. Fascinated by the inner workings of the criminal mind, she allowed her imagination to run will in her tale for this anthology.

Your story ‘Old Habits’ appears in the Readers Circle of Avenue Park’s recent anthology Twisted Tales. What made you decide on that story?

I’ve been fascinated by serial killers and their deviant behaviors for a long time. The criminal mind is like a web that forms based on both…

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