#Music Monday: Sangre Por Sangre

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Getting myself in the mood to Write! Write! Write!

Fight scenes

With Sangre Por Sangre (Blood for Blood) by HellYeah!

And for this week’s sneak peek, fighting’s the name of the game!

Jami pushed past Gus out into the hall. “Go find Stein”


He wheeled on the kid, his eyes lit with crimson fire, and tried not to notice how much Gus looked like his big sister in that moment. Dark hair fluttering over his forehead. Streaks of soot across his pale face. Wide eyed and scared.

But she hadn’t been scared. A damn astral doorway had just sucked her up and spit her out Gods only knew where, and she hadn’t been the least bit scared. Worse. She’d been relieved. And when he’d yelled out her name, there’d been no emotion. She’d looked at him like he was a motherfucking stranger.

“Urgh!” Jami shook his head,¬†willing the damn thing to get in the game.”Just go!” Gus took one last horrified look at him, then turned and disappeared down the long tunnel toward the other side of the compound.

Jami stalked the opposite direction, his bare feet brushing soundlessly against the concrete. You ready? he said internally, and the beast responded with a guttural hiss. A jolt of power surged through him, and the beast took over fully, washing his senses in the new sights, smells, and sounds around him.

Takers in head-to-toe riot gear stormed from the outer compound entrance. Plumes of dust and chunks of concrete exploded from the walls and ceiling as they fired in all directions.

He took a wild bullet to the shoulder, but the beast shrugged it off. Splitting his lips in a feral grin. Saliva dripped from his extended fangs. He could taste the tang of their blood and sweat on the air.


BloodBound © 2016 Lu J Whitley

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