Happy #IndiePride!

Today is that one day a year when we rag-tag band of Indie Authors come together to celebrate each other and our industry. It’s…


Go ahead. Check Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. I dare you.

We’ve Taken over!

So today is the day to surf social media and find your next favorite author among the scores of talented Indies coming out of the woodwork!

 Can’t decide?

Let me suggest a few of my personal favorites:

C.L. Schneider     CK Dawn     Angela Chrysler

Jessica Wren     Jennifer Thompson     Chess Desalls

C.E. Wilson     K.K. Allen     Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Scott Borgman     J.S. Burke     Echo Shea

Lynne Murray     Tim Hemlin     Marie Krepps

And Soooooo Many More!!!!

And even though it’s halfway through the year already (OMG WHAT?!?!), you can always join the #GoIndie2016 challenge and get tips and recommendations for great Indie books throughout the rest of 2016!

So go forth and READ INDIE!

We are the Indie Authors! Hear us roar!

giphy (1).gif


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