Arena Fighting

It’s not my first rodeo!

Back in… well, however long ago it was… I first competed in The Writer’s Arena.


Since getting my first taste of victory, I’ve been back another two times. Once to compete in the Arena itself and once to compete in the End of Year Tournament (where I was eliminated in Round 1! Woe is me.) And if you check out The Bear Pit, I currently rank #12, #20, and #58 in their 150+ stories – feel free to bump them up, if you’re so inclined.

Tomorrow – 7/19 – I enter the Arena again as a seasoned veteran. Competing against another as yet undisclosed author.

It promises to be an ‘explosive’ battle!

And I’ll need your votes to win!

1/2 my final score comes from reader votes, and 1/2 comes from the judges panel. So if you’re hanging around on the internet some time in the next week, procrastinating or ‘research’ or whatever, why not stop by, read the stories, and Cast Your Vote?

Seriously, why not?

Judgement will be official on Tuesday 7/26!

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