Book Review: The Darkest Torment

Because I don’t ONLY read indies…

Sure, I like to support Indie Authors whenever possible, but sometimes, I want the shiny new corporate toy, just like everyone else!

51BgWUxsv9L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg*I own no rights to this book cover, and I don’t claim to.

Which is why, when The Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter was announced, I nearly injured my one-click finger in my rush to pre-order. $11.99 for an eBook!!! Highway robbery, but as with any addiction, cost matters not.giphy (3)

And then, because I have the short-term memory capacity of a gnat with ADD, I forgot all about it. Until my hubby was about to shut off the electricity, and I would be without both TV and Internet for OVER AN HOUR! What to do?

So I opened my Kindle app. And there it was. Just waiting for me.


giphy (4)

So, yeah, I read it in one sitting.

Sleep is for the weak.

First of all, I have to say, I love the Lords of the Underworld series. If it ever ends, I will be inconsolable for an indeterminate length of time. That being said, this wasn’t my favorite book in the series.

Baden is likeable – hot, obviously – but a little one-dimensionsal, and not as fleshed out as the other Lords. Katarina (whose name, I admit, I had to go look up, because I’d already forgotten it) is well…okay. I remember that she really loved dogs. Like REALLY loved them. Which is, honestly, the only thing I can remember about her at all.

It’s your average Beauty & the Beast story line, with some Lords of the underworld stuff thrown in. I have to say, I was much more interested in the other story lines going on.

William is gonna murder that little so-and-so.
And I’m gonna like it!

[Spoiler: Kinda] But the ending is a long string of a WTF moments, culminating in the “Oh that’s how she’s gonna make this one immortal” reveal. As there is in EVERY book where the heroine isn’t already an immortal non-human.

All in all, there’s some steamy sex scenes. And if you’ve got a few hours to kill, it’ll do the job. But it’s more of a ‘bridge the gap’ novel than anything.

William needed back story. Cameo needed a jump start.
And Baden is what’s left.

I’m not mad at it. In a series of 15+ books, there’s bound to be a few that aren’t up to snuff. (Lord knows it’s HARD to write a book series. I can barely manage to write a full-length novel!) It doesn’t make me like the Lords of the Underworld or Gena Showalter any less.

It only makes me more ravenous for the next books.

So the verdict:

    ★  ☆  

giphy (5)

3/5: Meh. It’s alright.


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* The Lords of the Underworld & The Darkest Torment belong to Gena Showalter and her publisher, not me. I claim no rights to any book covers, characters, titles, etc. I’m just a lowly reader, writing a review.

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