Review: Semi-Charmed by Isabel Jordan

Smart, Funny, Steamy…411WV6LyUdL._SY346_

And an enjoyable way to spend a rainy summer day. I just finished Semi-Charmed by Isabel Jordan, and here are my thoughts:

You know, sometimes you start reading a book and the first scene takes place in a low-rent strip club, and you think to yourself, “Well, crap…”giphy (8).gif

“What did I get myself into?”

The plucky heroine sees a dark, brooding guy who’s predictably delicious. (See where I’m going with this?) But then…

Bam. Twist.

And away we go. Non-stop paranormal action.

Mr. Predictably Delicious, AKA Noah Riddick, is possibly more delicious because he actually has a believable back-story and personality, and isn’t just some tromping caveman going around claiming the heroine is “MINE” through the entirety of the plot. Like one of those damn seagulls from Finding Nemo.

And said heroine, Harper Hall? The inside of her head is a laugh riot.

Hello there, Pot. They call me Kettle. I hear you’re black.

downloadI LOL’d so many times my dogs must’ve thought I was a few impossibly small screws shy of an IKEA shelf.

Which I am. But they’re dogs, they don’t know that.

The whole thing zipped along at a page-turning, “it’s 5AM, I should probably sleep but there’s only 4 more chapters” pace. I honestly needed a psychological shoe-horn to pry myself away from my kindle app so I could come write this review.

Of course I’ve already one-clicked books 2 & 3 in the series. Duh.

A few down sides:

  1. Ms. Jordan does not do the best with naming. 

Riddick – Yes, the Vin Diesel character is discussed in the book. “It’s been a long time since I smelled beautiful.” Apparently, my furbabies have no idea what it means either.

Mischa Bartone – Supposedly a tiny, little, brunette Sicilian woman. Picture it, a young Sophia Petrillo. Can’t picture it? Why?

download (1).jpg Cuz this keeps popping up in your head! Mischa Barton (sans E) is precisely the opposite of the little spitfire Mischa Bartone. I think she deserved her own name.

2. Flashback city. 

Is it 1993 again?

It’s a little confusing when 6-year-old Harper doesn’t talk or think any differently than 26-year-old Harper. Who says “shit” in front of their mom in public and doesn’t get reprimanded? Who? No one, that’s who.

I understand why they were necessary, but they were a bit out of left field and plunked in at random throughout the story. Making it drag.

All things considered though, I loved the book.

Benny is my hero. Cane is probably the cutest dog ever. I think I’m falling in love with Hunter. And that’s how you want to feel when you finished a good Paranormal Romance.

So Semi-Charmed earns a respectable 4.5 Star spot in my line-up.

And if you’ll excuse me, Book 2 awaits!

Semi-Charmed by Isabel Jordan





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