My Second T.W.A.T.

No, I’m not a medical anomaly…

Well, not that kind anyway. Nope, I’m competing in my second tournament for The Writer’s Arena!



I know you’re probably all a little tired of thinking about voting, especially after last night’s debate. Ugh.

giphy (9).gif

But, my little story is competing in round two of the tournament.

The Fire Battle

And it has some stiff competition in the always amazing Albert Berg, so it could really use some votes. votebutton

Please, read both stories first and vote on which story you think is best. Even if it’s not mine.

Fair competition is always best!

P.S. Commenting on the stories also counts as a vote, so if ya wanna do that too, I won’t argue 🙂

Voting is open until Monday, October 3rd!

About The Writer’s Arena:

Every week two authors each write short stories based on a single prompt. Then, you the audience read the stories and cast your votes for the winner. Those votes will be weighed against the verdict from our judges. Only one story can emerge victorious! Sit back, and enjoy the show.

★ Authors, want to compete? Check out the easy application process!

I highly recommend it!


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