Looking Forward


As it is with life sometimes, I’ve been a little busy.

giphy (10).gif

What have I been working on?

Well, aside from home remodeling, halloweenish things, political comas, and birthdays (who knew practically everyone in the world was born in September or October!?), I’ve been writing.

Yes I’m aware you don’t believe me.

Nevertheless, it’s true.

I’m still deeply embroiled in the 2016 T.W.A.T, TWA-Banner-HE-PRodwhere I won my first round with my story, The Dark. (Thanks for voting!)


And I just put out a paperback copy of my holiday novella from 2015, Good Saint Nick!

I’m currently finishing up the 2nd installment in the Kringle & Sons Holiday Series,

On the Feast of Johann

Which I hope to have out in early November.


Speaking of early November, have I mentioned lately that I’m joining a horde of other Indie Authors at the
Indie Author Book Expo
in Des Moines, IA on November 5th?

Cuz I am!

So come get your books signed and have a great conversation with:

Jennifer Thompson✪   ✪CK Dawn✪   ✪Scott A. Borgman✪   ✪Jamie Trunnel✪
DeLisa Danielle✪  ✪Michelle Eastman✪  ✪Karen Fields Carr✪  ✪Charles Banks✪
Joyce Knock✪  ✪Laura Jensen-Kimball✪  ✪Larissa M Vitt✪  ✪D Nichole King✪
Shawna Lewellen✪  ✪Tiffany McSkimming✪  ✪Elison Grace✪  ✪Maegan Provan✪
Joleene Naylor✪  ✪Alex Katt✪  ✪Amanda Leigh✪  ✪Les Lynam✪

As well as some great businesses:

✪Peepnotes✪     ✪Karen Doty Art✪     ✪Indie Quill✪     ✪Makin Books Publishing✪

We’ll be at the Blank Park Zoo from 9:30AM – 4:30PM!

Also, before I get too far ahead of myself, did you know it’s MY birthday on October 22nd? Look for some great book deals on that day. hint.hint.

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