Thanks Abound

Had an AMAZING weekend at the Indie Author Book Expo in Des Moines



14915240_10206524160057687_1823743163272734526_nwith my loyal minion, Morgan.

Thanks to her, first of all, for putting up with my scatterbrained self and keeping track of my car keys all weekend.

seen here with her ‘Walking Ched’ from Zombie Burger & Drink Lab.

Why yes, those ‘buns’ are made from DEEP FRIED MAC & CHEESE! Yum!

I’d also like to thank all the amazing authors and readers that came out for the Expo! It was great to meet and talk with all of you. Especially my online friends I got to meet for the first time: Jenn Thompson, CK Dawn, & Scott Borgman!

Also, to the Blank Park Zoo: Thanks to putting up with us and letting us run around like little kids! We had a blast!

Morgan and I got home late yesterday after visiting the Midwest Comic Con

15032071_10206537536232083_6154266211239861166_nand the Future Birthplace of Captain James Tiberius Kirk (Squeeeeeeee)


Now, it’s back to the grindstone to finish off the second tale in the Kringle & Sons series, On the Feast of Johann, which will be available for free, beginning November 17th, to those who purchased Good Saint Nick from me over the weekend! And then it’s on to beating BloodBound, The Fraktioneers Book 2, into submission!


Thanks Again All!!! ❤ Lu

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