The Fraktioneers

Sweden, 1213:

A prince loses his way in the mountains at the edge of his kingdom. He falls into the company of one of the Wyrd, majickal beings who can make your darkest desires a reality, if you’re willing to pay the price.

From this Wyrd woman’s majick, two races – flip sides of the same coin – are brought into being. The prince, Jaromir Ragnarsson, wanders the world alone for more than two hundred years, fighting the Takers – a race of changelings who can steal the skins of their victims and assume their lives, blending into society.

Bohemia, 1429:

Ragnarsson hears of a large Taker contingent forming in the Holy Roman Empire. Under the pretense of protecting the king of Bohemia from Roman invaders, he joins the crusades as part of a band of mercenaries, known for their ruthlessness in battle.

After a violent conflict with a large Taker army, Ragnarsson’s secret is out, but instead of turning him away, Deacon, the leader of the mercenaries, pledges their services to fight the ever growing number of Takers.

Fraktion is born.


Works from the Fraktioneer universe: